Have you ever noticed that many women in museum leadership share a certain look? This photo of Katie wearing a charcoal grey dress and concrete jewellery started out as a gentle joke about the uniform for new museum directors.

I’m a researcher, curator, and library and museum director.

I started out studying for a degree in mathematics, convinced I would be a computer programmer. But having switched to studying history, and realising that that libraries and museums were a place to work as well as a place to study or to spend my weekends, I pursued that career instead. Now, all those interests have started to come back together, as libraries and museums become more digital in every aspect of their work.

I’m also a a musician (mainly wind instruments, especially the baritone sax), and I design and make clothes and jewellery. When I can, I like to go walking, cycling or camping, and occasionally sailing.

If you have followed a link here expecting to find a blog, I wrote posts roughly monthly in 2019-20, and may start again sometime in the future.